Inmarsat set to heat up the satellite phone market.

For years satellite phones have been associated with James Bond wanna be’s, the military and travellers who could afford the airtime. Over recent years the market has evolved and changed. Over the next month Inmarsat a British based company is set to release its newest addition to the market. The Isatphonepro is set to revolutionise the availability and cost of a completely global phone with a fixed cost use.

What does this mean? Well cell phones are great unless your in a dead spot or on top of a mountain in the Lake District. The Isatphonepro works anywhere on the globe, all you need to be is outside, and you can make calls from anywhere to anywhere for around 42 pence a minute. Handsets prices are due to be announced soon, i would imagine around half the price of its nearest competitors. You can send text messages as well, voice mail etc.

It also includes a GPS receiver.

If you travel, or spend time away from cell signal, or want cheap fixed calls to a friend or family member abroad, then this is a cost effective communication tool. You’ve got to hand it to Inmarsat, they were the first in the satellite communication market and this phone is a real step forward for the company and for its worldwide users.

Competitors need to re-think there marketing and prices, because this handset is going to gobble up your user base as people switch networks.

Click on the image for more details.

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