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Midland G9 PMR Radio Modification

I have been asked to post information on how you can modify the Midland G9 PMR Radio to output at 5W and open up the Euro/UK LDP Channels. Currently the G9 PMR Radio is hard to find in the UK. These radios are perfect for family trips camping, walking etc. Once you have modified them the range between 2 5W handsets can be as much as 20 miles in open air.

Please note the legal maximum power of any PMR radio is 500mw as such this modification is for testing only, and will only transmit at the full 5W when the boost PTT button is pressed.

The modified version gives 5W of power when the boost button is pressed (under the PTT button) and provides 500mw when the PTT is used.

The same applies to both PMR and the LDP Band as the unit (once modded) is dual band.

Aerial is about 12cm long fixed. Feels very rugged, all the parts are sealed with a rubber grommet.

Takes 4 AA batteries (1800mah GP Batteries are included), the desktop charger is included. But as it a continuous charger is pretty pointless unless you want to kill you batteries. I use 2500mah batteries and charge them with a Maha MHC9000 charger which i use for my camera batteries and flash batteries.

A belt clip is included as well. Has lots of functions, half of which i wont use! I have the manuals and circuit diagrams etc as PDF files, please request these via PM.

OK the mod, i take no responsibility for this especially if the UK and EURO PCB’s are different (unlikely) My radios were bought done from the Netherlands.

You need to un screw the 5 screws that hold the back down,
Watch out for the battery clip as the pin will fall out.
Watch out for the battery wires they are short and connect to the back so be careful when removing the back. You can see how well the unit is now, as the seal runs around the top half of the case and clips under the aerial.

OK heres the mod,

P1 Closed
P2 Closed
P3 Open

You need a small hot soldering iron and a steady hand!

If you have any questions please let me know, or need the manual or wiring diagram etc, if you have a specific question please ask.

20 thoughts on “Midland G9 PMR Radio Modification

  1. Could you send me the manual and wiring diagram for the Midland G9.

    On my pcb on J2 and J3 there’s something looking like little springs. Should i remove it ?

    Thanks a lot for sharing knowledge.

  2. dear sir.

    I want to receive the manual and the wiring diagram for the


    You receive all my thanks.

  3. Maybe when P2 is open the boost for 5 watt is not necessary when the configuration High/Low is High???

  4. Hi. I have just bought 2 radios form Midland (MIDLAND G9). They are great, I am very pleased because of range, number of functions, etc. Would You be so kind and to send me all documentation about that radios on my email?

  5. Can the 5Watt output power be set in the menu?
    I want to use it on a motorcycle, so i will use a headset with ptt.
    If it only transmits when pushing the boost button and not with the standard ptt button on a headset i can not use the mod…

    Hope you have the change to hit me back…
    (Btw, if from the netherlands, so in case of email contact you can speak dutch 😉 )

  6. 5W output requires modification to the circuit board in the G9 Unit. Once this has been done the boost button provides 5W output while the normal PTT button provides 0.5W output.

  7. Hi. Does any of you know how to disable the pseudo-channels 9-24? I find them somewhat useless and in addition slow downs scanning of the 8 genuine channels.


  8. Just wanted to pop in and thanking for the info.
    Got my G9 today and they still have these Jumpers, also they use wire bridges now instead of solder bridges.

  9. Is this also the modifikation for a Midland G9E (only PMR446)?
    Thanks for an answer

  10. The mod is for both the radios are the same one with the mod one without. Just check the PCB’s as there maybe a new revision

  11. Could you please send me the full details on the MIdland G9. Manual and wiring diagram needed. Thanks. Gerhard Oosthuizen

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