Century Marathon – 102 Miles Run, All in one go…..

On the 20th May I embark on a test of my endurance. Late last year Adventurer Ed Stafford suggested a run of 102 miles. In a moment of madness i agreed to the idea

Ed Stafford became the first person to walk the entire length of the Amazon, taking him 2 years to complete he is no novice when it comes to pushing your body to its limits. He has written a book, appeared on several TV shows and is currently organizing his next big adventure.

Since agreeing, i have been training hard building up my speed and endurance, trying to balance my work and family life around some pretty long days on my legs. Nutrition has been the biggest problem for me, not the running. I have found it hard to work out when to eat,drink and fuel up and how much to take.

The run starts at 1600 hrs on May 20th at Nevil Holt in Leicestershire, we have less than 24hrs to run the 102 mile route to Brancaster Staithe in Norfolk.

For the entire journey i will be carrying a Spot Messenger tracking device and every 10 minutes the small unit sends my GPS co-ordinates to a satellite and then back to earth onto a web page, so my family, friend’s and sponsors can see where i am and if i my legs have given up! (Never…)

This is not only a test of fitness and endurance but a test on the mind, how far can you push yourself, where is your limit, well i’ll find out on the 20th of May!

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