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HAM Radio Foundation Licence – Exam this weekend

After hunting the internet high and low to try and find somewhere to take my Foundation Licence that would fit around my work, I stumbled across a club around 20 minutes from my house in Whythall, Hollywood, South Birmingham.

There website is very professional looking and it was clear that he club was well used and the site was fresh and up to date. They were about to start a Foundation Course that ran over 2 weekends and collimated in the exam on the Sunday afternoon. Perfect, that suited me far better as i couldn’t commit to the odd hour here and there spread over many weeks. I contacted Chris G0EYO via email and he sent a detailed email back with the forms, cost etc.

Having posted the money off i waited and within a few days he had posted the Foundation Book and instructions on how to find the club. The club is based in a well presented community club in Whtyhall, the presentations made by the tutors were excellent, using powerpoint and a large TV screen in the basement of the building. There was a great deal of information to take in, but using another website called HAMTests i have been able to understand some of the techinical information a little more, as well as the online tests.

I sit this exam this Sunday (5th August) So hopefully i will have done enough work to pass and obtain my Ofcom Licence so that i can finally get on there air.




Now i just need to get my head around the Antenna parts of the paper and i’ll be ok!


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