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First Contact – 2E1RDX

After several very unsuccessful attempts to find a contact on the 2m band (145.500Mhz) from the ATAS-25 mounted in my garden, i decided to pack my gear into a small rucsac and take a trip up Walton Hill.

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Having carried my 22amh battery in my rucsac i decided that i might down size it to a small 7amh one!

I set my ATAS 25 Antenna up with one radiating element, the 2 radials and the 3 ground wires all supported on a small tripod (very small)

And off i went! Never thought i would hear or get to chat to so many people! Height is clearly everything on the 2m Band!

So thanks to my first contact Ian – 2E1RDX as well as some members of the Whythall Radio Club. Had a nice afternoon on the hill, till one of the wires came loose on the battery terminal and i had to stop, the Torberry Connector had come loose and i needed to re-crimp it.

Walton Hill, Clent with my Yaesu ATAS-25


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