Need a battery, Car, Van Radio, Marine etc

Having got what i thought would be a small lightweight battery for my radio system, i soon realised that lugging a 22 Amh battery was no fun, and while i had no problem carrying it, my lightweight rucsac wont enjoy the strain for that long. At nearly 7Kg it wasnt the best portable battery, as it was designed for a golf trolly, not for a backpack! ( YPC22-12)

So i went to Rock Batteries in Cradley Heath a small specilaist battery centre, a small family run business and bought a much lighter 7Amh battery. The Yuasa 7amh 12v battery, much much lighter and a more portable shape (Yuasa Yucel Y7-12)

Rock Batteries sell batteries, chargers, battery boxes etc, if you need a bettery give them a call, great customer service.

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