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Buying Radio Gear from Europe

Everyone wants to get a good deal when they spend their hard earned cash.

Many of us seem reluctant to buy from other European countries especially when significant savings can be made.

Some thoughts on this:

1. There is NO VAT and NO DUTY if you buy from a country within the EU
2. I have found the postal system to be far more efficient than in the UK.
3. Items are often in stock and any accessories as well, in the UK they must be ordered in.

I should explain point 2. I have bought accessories from a seller based in Greece who has a store on Ebay.

His store name is 2wayradioexpress.

I have purchased from this seller before including radios.

3 days ago i purchased some accessories online via the Ebay Store, they arrived this morning in less than 3 days.

Now at the same time, i ordered a part from a well known UK radio store and that item hasn’t arrived!

What did i buy? Well i recently purchased a VX-8DE radio so i could play around with APRS. But the accessories were just too expensive in the UK so i purchased the larger battery (FNB-102LI) and the desktop charger (CD-41) from the store and saved myself a fortune, and had them delivered quicker!

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