Replacement Antenna Diamond X-510N

After struggling to open some repeaters like GB3CF i decided to change my X50N Antenna to a X-510N. I found a new one on ebay significantly cheaper than elsewhere, and yes its genuine!

It wasn’t till i assembled it, that i realised just how big the antenna is! EVen with a slight breeze installing it onto the mount on the side of my house was a bit of a challenge. I wasn’t keen that the seals between the antenna joints were up to the job so i have wrapped self amalgamating tape around the joints just to keep the moisture out, however being black means¬†they do stand out like a sore thumb.

The fitting is N Type so at present i use a converter to the PL-259 fitting on the end, i have got a crimping tool and plan to remove the cable and install a good quality crimp fitting N Type to the RG213 cable, but i haven’t got round to it yet, as the cable needs to come down so i can solder the centre pin, a bit of work for very little gain.

Either way the performance gain is huge, i can now run QRP on 2m and 70cm and this is great as my rig runs from my solar panel via a deep cycle gel type battery using a high quality charge regulator. I can now open repeaters up previously i couldn’t even hear!





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