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Grounding and Antenna Maintenance

I have not updated my blog for an age, I have lots of writes up i would like to do, bit just don’t ever seem to sit down and get typing. That was until today.

After much reading about HAM Station Grounding, with no real answer in hand, i chose to install 2 lighting arrestors inline from my VHF/UHF antenna and my HF Dipole. Both these are fed using RG213 cable, and i purchased the various connectors and the cable box from

I had already placed a large ground rod into the ground near to where the feeds enter my house. I know that these won’t do the trick if my large X510 gets a direct strike, nothing will fully. But they may do something? that may help with static? I have no real idea and it seems that ever experienced HAM user has different opinions.


photo 1photo 2


During the course of fitting all the connectors, (N Type) i noticed that the outer braid on the HF feed was dampĀ (only slightly). Out come the ladders and sure enough water has found its way into the connector on the BALUN, so i changed all the fittings having allowed the cable to dry in the sun.

Having run an analyser on the cables now, the SWR is improved, which must have been a combination of the fittings, and the water.

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