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Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Review

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Introduction We all like the idea of free energy, well who wouldn’t? Over the last few years we have all seen an explosion in domestic solar electricity (PV) installations in areas of the world that you would have often questioned there effectiveness. A great deal of this has been down the the large government subsidies […]


Midland G9 PMR Radio Modification

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I have been asked to post information on how you can modify the Midland G9 PMR Radio to output at 5W and open up the Euro/UK LDP Channels. Currently the G9 PMR Radio is hard to find in the UK. These radios are perfect for family trips camping, walking etc. Once you have modified them […]


D-Day 65th Anniversary

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D-Day 65 Years on. Omaha Beach, how peaceful and tranquil it looks now. How different it must have been for the men who fought up and down this coast. If you sit and look at the cliffs and beach fronts you can visualise in your own mind how it must have looked. The full horror […]