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IsatphonePro from Inmarsat

Inmarsat’s new handheld satellite phone the isatphonepro is built with durability in mind. The new isatphonepro is set to send other networks spinning with its cheap handset and superb call cost options. Its clear how far Inmarsat have gone in designing this handsets to ensure it meets the needs of its customers. This short video […]

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External Power via Powergorilla for Inmarsat BGAN Terminal Wideye Sabre1

I use a Addvalue Wideye Sabre1 BGAN terminal via the Inmarsat satellite network. This article is not limited to Wideye Sabre1 Terminals but almost any Inmarsat terminal. These units are pretty portable, and allow broadband internet access with simultaneous voice calls all over the globe (except the South and Northern polar regions) The Wideye Sabre1 […]

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