Yaesu FNB-78, CD-24 and PA-26 Batteries and Charging Options

The FT-897D is a very flexible radio with different options to suit differing requirements, one of which is portability.

The radio itself is bulkier than its smaller brother (FT-857D) even though they contain the same circuit boards. The bulk comes in the form of a robust case, better control panel and large carrying handle. An empty area at the base of the radio is kept free for options such as the internal PSU (FP-30) and the internal batteries (FNB-78)

These all produce extra weight and bulk but DO provide a much more robust radio.

The FNB-78 Batteries are sold in single form and generally you would need two of them, these are known as A and B battery. They both fit internal under the cover on the base of the radio and are attached to the circuit board using a simple molex style connector. On the rear of the battery is the charging point and this extend out through the back of the radio to allow the charger to be connected, whilst leaving the batteries in situ.

The FNB-78 is a Japanese made NiMH battery, rated at 4500mAh at 13.2 Volts Charged, 11 Volts Discharged the recommend charger current is 1400mA. I mention that it is Japanese made because they make batteries far better than the other cheap rubbish made in places like China. The same applies to the CD-24 and the PA-26 they are all made in Japan.

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Meindert Sprang - August 20, 2016 - 12:21 pm

If you have panels that can output up to 16V, I think you can just use them to feed the CD-24 directly. I have opened my CD-24 and I saw that the 24V input has some extra circuitry but the 13.6V input goes directly to the switching regulator which feeds the charging circuit. And since the battery voltage in a car can be all over the place, I assume that the CD-24 is quit resistant against voltage variations. So I would just hook up your solar panels directly to the 13.6V input of the CD-24.

admin - May 5, 2016 - 9:20 pm

Sorry no idea, i have since sold my 897.

Chris Hart - May 5, 2016 - 12:05 pm

Hi James,
I liked the article. The FT-897 is listed as 3.9kg, but I bet that is naked! Do you happen to know what the weight of two FNB-78s might come to?
Chris Hart

Yaesu FT-897D UK Type C2 Version Modifications – Factory Set Jumpers

For those of you who love to Freeband/Wideband your radios, this is a detailed photograph of the default internal jumper settings of a 2013 version of the Yaesu FT-897D type C2. Please note that i HAVE NOT sideband/Freeband modified the radio as you need a steady hand and some skill with a soldering iron. The photo is for those who need a reference point in case you tinker too much.

NOTE the jumper numbers on the circuit board, the one missing on the left is Jumper 1007 (which is the jumper nearest the back of the radio)