Superb service from

After hunting around looking for a good price on a Yaesu VX-8DE, I noticed a online store in the google search called proviaition they supply equipment for pilots another flight associated equipment but they also sell HAM radios at very competitive prices.

They have an online chat function, so during office hours you can chat directly to a member of the team working there. This was very handy as i wanted some specific items and wanted them delivered ASAP.

They were very helpful and confirmed the stock they had and I then placed an order online which duly arrived the following day, excellent service. They sell both Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood amongst others. Before placing an order with any one else why not take look through there website and have a chat online to confirm your requirements. I’ll certainly be using them again.


Proviation Shop Link


Thanks again to them for their superb help.

HW-40HP HF Off Centre Fed Dipole

Getting on the HF bands requires a decent and longish antenna, general horizontally fitted. I enjoy using my Band Hopper II when doing SOTA work or just our portable, but i wanted to be able to access the 40m band at home.

I had fitted a collinear to the side of my house using a short pole and T&K brackets. I didn’t want the feed point cable to run down the middle of the garden, so i needed the feed point to attach to the pole mounted on the T7K brackets.

After some research i chose on the HW-40HP off centre fed dipole from M0CVO Antennas. Which arrived this morning along with some RG8X cable i had ordered to fit to it.

Not wanted the weather to stop me i chose the best way to fit it to my house and then to the end of my garden. The shorter 6.4m side of the dipole slopes slightly down the side of my house and is secured onto a tie end using nylon “para” cord. The longer 13.8m then goes from the pole to a tree at the end of my garden, again secured with nylon cord.

I cable tied the feed point balun to the pole and attached some cord to a ring at the top just in case the cable ties give way.

I used self amalgamating tape on the SO239 joint, which may need to be checked as we had snow over night and there was a bitter wind blowing and my fingers weren’t functioning correctly, i should have done the tape at ground level, but then it may have been awkward to fit whilst up the ladder.

I have followed the route of the other feeder back into the room where my radio is, i have yet to get a hole through the wall though.

Matt - April 11, 2013 - 12:09 pm

Have you had a chance to try it out yet? I would be interested in your results.


Buying Radio Gear from Europe

Everyone wants to get a good deal when they spend their hard earned cash.

Many of us seem reluctant to buy from other European countries especially when significant savings can be made.

Some thoughts on this:

1. There is NO VAT and NO DUTY if you buy from a country within the EU
2. I have found the postal system to be far more efficient than in the UK.
3. Items are often in stock and any accessories as well, in the UK they must be ordered in.

I should explain point 2. I have bought accessories from a seller based in Greece who has a store on Ebay.

His store name is 2wayradioexpress.

I have purchased from this seller before including radios.

3 days ago i purchased some accessories online via the Ebay Store, they arrived this morning in less than 3 days.

Now at the same time, i ordered a part from a well known UK radio store and that item hasn’t arrived!

What did i buy? Well i recently purchased a VX-8DE radio so i could play around with APRS. But the accessories were just too expensive in the UK so i purchased the larger battery (FNB-102LI) and the desktop charger (CD-41) from the store and saved myself a fortune, and had them delivered quicker!