Code Breakers – Bletchley Park

Great viewing of how the staff at Bletchley Park broke the German Enigma machine code. Watch it now before it disappears off BBC IPlayer.

Here’s the Link


Nights in a Tipi?!

My wife and I took our son (5) for a 2 night break away in Scarborugh, stopping in a Tipi at the Pinewood Holiday Park near the seaside town of Scarborough.

The Tipis sleep 3/4 people, 3 comfortably. They are mounted on decking with a picnic bench and a nice open area for the kids to play in, inlcuding a wooded area with swings and dens all the things kids love when there playing cowboys! Tipis have there own electricity by payment meter, the first night we didnt pay for it, as we have a battery system that powers a fridge and a led light. However the tempreture dropped the 2nd night and we decided to use the nice electric heater in the tipi, lovley and warm in minutes.

The site is located next to GCHQ Scarborough so you can be sure its safe and quiet! There are Tipi’s, Wagons and Cabins to stay in. We had a great time and my son loved it, they sell caps guns etc in the small shop on site, its a small family business and the owners were always there to help.

If you want a nice break away on a lovely part of the coast then take a look at stopping in a Tipi! We’ll be going back next year.


Diamond X-50 – Thats a great deal better!

My portable antenna was no use at all on the ground in my garden, the ATAS-25 is great for portable use where you have some height for VHF work, but not much use in my garden. After getting rather frustrated i decided to buy a Diamond X-50 Antenna and some brackets to attach it to the back of my house.

I already had to tools i needed as well as the substantial fittings required to secure the T & K Brackets to the wall (24 inch), i decided to use some M10 * 75mm Sleeve Bolts, to support the brackets, requiring a 16mm hole in the brick work. I chose not to skimp on the brackets as i had seen some very cheaply made ones on the internet these brackets came from Radioworld and they are fully galvanised and fully welded, not spot welded.

Installing these is not an easy task for 1 person! After some careful measuring a put the various 16mm holes into the wall, clearing the holes with an camera air blower I hammered the sleeves and and bolted it all together, rock solid! Just over 2 feet between the T and K bracket. Some precarious positioning on the ladder, resulted in the antenna being up in no time at all. A short run of wiring into a small room where my computer is.

The hardest part was ensuring that both the brackets were inline with each other, and then getting the pole and antenna into the brackets, but it works a treat. Someone had recommended the X-510 Antenna, but it just too large at around 5m i wouldn’t have been happy about it waving around in the wind! and it was twice as expensive 🙁