Big Tent = Big Problem when drying

After another wet camping trip near Exeter UK, my wife and I had struggled to find somewhere to dry our family tent. A few months ago we went to pack our tent away at a small green near our home, and a local thought we were setting up camp for the night!

This time we opted to attempt to dry the tent in our back garden, so after moving the trampoline and other bits and pieces we managed to sqeeze the tent into the smallish space that represents our garden. Only just though and lucky for us a nice dry day, so its all packed away for the next family outing!

Need a battery, Car, Van Radio, Marine etc

Having got what i thought would be a small lightweight battery for my radio system, i soon realised that lugging a 22 Amh battery was no fun, and while i had no problem carrying it, my lightweight rucsac wont enjoy the strain for that long. At nearly 7Kg it wasnt the best portable battery, as it was designed for a golf trolly, not for a backpack! ( YPC22-12)

So i went to Rock Batteries in Cradley Heath a small specilaist battery centre, a small family run business and bought a much lighter 7Amh battery. The Yuasa 7amh 12v battery, much much lighter and a more portable shape (Yuasa Yucel Y7-12)

Rock Batteries sell batteries, chargers, battery boxes etc, if you need a bettery give them a call, great customer service.

First Contact – 2E1RDX

After several very unsuccessful attempts to find a contact on the 2m band (145.500Mhz) from the ATAS-25 mounted in my garden, i decided to pack my gear into a small rucsac and take a trip up Walton Hill.

Having carried my 22amh battery in my rucsac i decided that i might down size it to a small 7amh one!

I set my ATAS 25 Antenna up with one radiating element, the 2 radials and the 3 ground wires all supported on a small tripod (very small)

And off i went! Never thought i would hear or get to chat to so many people! Height is clearly everything on the 2m Band!

So thanks to my first contact Ian – 2E1RDX as well as some members of the Whythall Radio Club. Had a nice afternoon on the hill, till one of the wires came loose on the battery terminal and i had to stop, the Torberry Connector had come loose and i needed to re-crimp it.

Walton Hill, Clent with my Yaesu ATAS-25